Free Trados Studio TM and TB Converter

This GUI program can be used to convert Trados Studio translation memories (.sdltm) to tmx or Trados Studio termbases (.sdltb) to csv or txt. All output files are encoded in UTF-8. The program is an executable .jar file which does not require installation. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac, provided that Java 1.7 or newer is installed. It is being offered as is, without any warranties of any kind.

The tmx files generated by this program can be imported into any CAT tool. For termbases, possible output types are comma-delimited csv, semicolon-delimited csv and tab-delimited txt. The user can choose whether synonyms should be placed in separate columns (for importing into memoQ or MemSource), or separated by pipes (|), which may be more suitable for other programs. If the latter option is chosen, any usage examples will be omitted.

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Download Executable JAR

Frequently Asked Questions

I get an error message when I try to open the program. What should I do?

Please check your Java version. Open a command prompt or terminal window, type java -version and hit Enter. The Java Runtime Environment build should be 1.7… or higher.

Your program says the file is empty, but it’s almost half a megabyte!

.sdltm files are database files which contain a large number of tables, but only the translation_units table will be converted to tmx. If you are curious about the actual contents of a .sdltm file, I recommend downloading DB Browser for SQLite.

WfConverter doesn’t work! Can you help me?

Unfortunately not. WfConverter is a different program. Please contact the creator directly.

Can I use the converter from the command line?

Yes, but at this time only to convert .sdltm files:
java -jar C:\Path\To\Converter\TradosStudioResourceConverter.jar
example_TM.sdltm [example_TM2.sdltm ...]

How do I Extract a Studio TM from a .sdlppx package?

This can be done easily (on Windows) by creating an empty text file (e.g., on the desktop) with the extension .bat and adding the following lines to it (change the language code on the fourth line according to your needs):

mkdir temp
7z x "%~1" -o.\temp
copy temp\Tm\nl-NL\*.*
rmdir temp /s /q

This requires the program 7-Zip to be installed and added to the path. Now you can drag .sdlppx packages onto the .bat file icon and the TM will appear in the same folder as the package.

Can I see the source code?

Certainly. You can find it here: GitHub.