Recent Projects

WordPress Malware Removal

Our client’s WordPress site had been infected with tenacious malware. The attackers had installed malicious files and added an admin user, which would come back as soon as someone removed it. They had also added spam links.

To clean the site, Closed Tags performed a malware scan. We then deleted all harmful files and removed malicious code from legitimate files. In addition, we updated all themes and plugins, revoked FTP access and changed database and cPanel passwords. We also restricted access to the WordPress admin area to a small number of IP addresses. Finally, we installed the Wordfence plugin to monitor traffic and and block malicious traffic.

Throttling Bulk Data Uploads

Our client used Zapier to send leads from Zoho to a direct mailing provider. Unfortunately, large data uploads would immediately trigger the Zap many times in quick succession – too many times for Zapier to keep up. This resulted in dropped leads.

Closed Tags solved the problem by creating a Google Apps Script that scans a Google Sheet for new rows. When new rows are present, the script sends them to the CRM, up to one hundred at a time. As the script sends data to the CRM, it marks processed rows as sent. Combined with a timed trigger, this solution makes it possible to paste large amounts of data into the Google Sheet, without overloading Zapier.

JavaScript Debugging

Our client was struggling with some buggy JavaScript code which broke the interactive map on their website. Closed Tags quickly identified the problem, corrected the bug, and made sure the map worked as intended.

Zapier / Google Apps Script Automation

Our client came to us with the following challenge: Given an automated email containing contact details and other information, create a PDF according to a certain template and send that PDF as an attachment via email. In addition, send a text message with a short link to that same PDF.

Closed Tags solved the problem as follows: We had the CRM send the initial email to Zapier and let Zapier forward the email body to a Google Apps Script. Every time Zapier triggers the Google Apps Script, the script creates a copy of a Google Doc and populates it with the received information. It then turns the new Google Doc into a PDF, which it sends as an attachment via email. Additionally, the script stores every created PDF on the client’s Google Drive and generates shortened links to the files using the Bitly URL shortener. These short links can then easily be shared in text messages, which the script sends through Twilio’s API.

Inventory and Delivery System for Blockchain Game Collectibles

AlterVerse Inc. creates games and collectible game assets, backed by Enjin Coin. The collectibles are sold through a WooCommerce website. Our challenge? When someone purchased a blockchain item, the website did not automatically transfer that item to the purchaser’s Enjin wallet. As a result, AlterVerse lost a lot of time to manually minting and distributing purchased items.

Closed Tags set up an inventory system for the blockchain items, supported by a MySQL database. We automated the minting and delivery of items via a WooCommerce webhook, which activates a PHP script issuing GraphQL commands to the Enjin Trusted Cloud to mint and deliver ordered items.

WordPress Template Setup and Customization

Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona had a website that the owner wanted to move from a proprietary platform to WordPress. Closed Tags installed the selected WordPress theme, transferred the contents and got the new site up and running in no time.